UPDATE! The Validity Confirmation Certificate for EID-SK 2016 Will be Changed


Due to technical reasons, EID-SK 2016 validity confirmation certificate will not be changed on April 23. We will inform you in reasonable time when the change will be implemented. We apologize for the inconvenience!


April 23, at 3 PM will change the certificate that is being used to verify the validity confirmations of the certificates of the intermediate certificate EID-SK 2016.

The change mostly affects those information system owners where Smart-ID or new Lithuanian Mobile-ID certificates issued by EID-SK 2016 are being used for providing signatures or verifying the validity signatures.

Until April 23, 2018, SK OCSP RESPONDER 2011 will continue to be used for the EID-SK 2016 certificates. At 3 PM on April 23, it will be replaced by EID-SK 2016 SK OCSP RESPONDER 2018. This change does not affect any other intermediate certificates. The change does not affect those information systems where Smart-ID certificates are issued by the NQ-SK 2016 certifier.

The new EID-SK 2016 SK OCSP RESPONDER 2018 certificate that will start to sign validity confirmations is issued by the existing intermediate certifier EID-SK 2016 and is available at www.sk.ee/certs

We recommend that all information systems test their applications and make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

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