SK ID Solutions AS filiāle Latvijā
Gustava Zem-gala gatve 74, Riga, LV–1039, Latvia (Teikums Teodors (entrance A))
+371 2612 7964

Registration code: 40203201750
VAT no: LV40203201750

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For Business Customers:
For End-users:
Customer Service Points

Smart-ID customer service points are bank branches of:

In Smart-ID customer service points you can apply for or revoke a Smart-ID account. To revoke your Smart-ID please call to Smart-ID customer support.

Mobile-ID customer service points are operator’s stores:

In Mobile-ID customer service points you can apply for or revoke a Mobile-ID.

ID-card customer service points are listed here. To suspend your ID-card certificates please call to ID-card suspension helpline.

Cyber Incident Reporting

Cyber incidents concerning SK ID Solutions AS products and services can be reported by sending email to

For transmitting sensitive data, email can be encrypted using PGP public key: CAB 49EB 38C2 EBAF 62AC 73B2 20B1 D92E 4E73 4E18D

Additional information about SK ID Solutions AS incident handling can be found in the SK-SIRT RFC2350 document.