Mobile-ID by SK ID Solutions is a digital identity solution that is essential for both end-users seeking secure authentication and telecom operators wishing to stand out in the crowded telecom market. As a trusted digital identity service, Mobile-ID meets international standards providing a secure and convenient digital identity solution.

Mobile operators can provide added value to their customers by enabling safe, convenient access to e-services and the capacity to provide digital signatures using Mobile-ID. More than 700,000 users in the Baltics have benefited from the Mobile-ID service, which has been successfully implemented in collaboration with local mobile operators. For telecom providers around the world, this technology can offer a solid competitive advantage.

With Mobile-ID, end-users can conveniently and securely access a wide range of online services, such as online banking, government portals, and more. In addition, Mobile-ID enables them to sign documents digitally and conduct online transactions securely, regardless of their location in the world.

  • SIM-card based
  • Strong authentication
  • Digital signatures recognized in every EU country
  • Trusted by states and financial institutions
  • Easy and fast implementation
users in Estonia
users in Lithuania

Mobile-ID in your e-service

Mobile-ID is an universal solution suitable for every e-service.
Fast and easy implementation helps to get the service up and running in just couple of days.

EU Trrust Mark
Mobile-ID service is compliant with the eIDAS regulation and included in the European Trusted List.

Success Story

Mobile-ID in Lithuania – A competitive advantage
for telecom operators

Mobile-ID isn’t just beneficial for end-users – it also provides a significant advantage for telecom operators. By offering Mobile-ID, mobile operators can provide their customers with added value and differentiate themselves from competitors in the crowded telecom market.

In Lithuania, SK ID Solutions has successfully implemented Mobile-ID in partnership with every local mobile operator, allowing almost half a million Lithuanians to give digital signatures and access hundreds of e-services daily. As a result, Mobile-ID has become an integral part of Lithuania’s e-ecosystem.