SK ID Solutions’ Timestamping Service confirms the existence of data at a specific time, using electronic signatures to prevent any unauthorized changes or alterations. As a trusted provider included in the European Trust List and issuing millions of timestamps monthly, we adhere to international standards and certify the integrity and timestamp of your data.

SK’s Timestamping Service is accessible 24/7 worldwide and is based on Public Key Infrastructure and trusted time sources, ensuring legally binding time-stamped documents. Our proven track record of success, accuracy, and security has made us the go-to choice for hundreds of global companies.

  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Digital signing
  • Authenticity and validity
  • Proof of existence
  • Secure archiving
  • Legally binding
0.5 Billion timestamps per year

Get Timestamping for your organisation

Timestamping is suitable for all businesses wishing to secure their digital assets.

EU Trrust Mark
Timestamping service is compliant with the eIDAS regulation and included in the European Trusted List.

Success Story

SK’s Timestamping boosts efficiency
of European Commission’s digital procedures

Since 2019, the European Commission has optimized its document management procedures by using the Timestamping service from SK ID Solutions. Our solution has been adopted by the European Commission due to its simple scalability, flexibility, and quality. By streamlining document management operations and ensuring document accuracy and legality, SK’s Timestamping has become an essential tool for this organization. According to the European Commission, our timestamping stands out for its:

  • High performance
  • High availability
  • Flexibility
  • Exceptional service management