Time-Stamping Principles

SK Time-Stamping Authority fulfils all relevant requirements defined in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) for creation of qualified electronic time stamp. Time-stamping service is using RFC-3161 Time Stamp Protocol over HTTP transport.

Time-Stamping Authority Practice Statement

This document states practices and procedures of SK – the facility, management and operational controls, to provide time-stamping service.

Version 7.0 / PDF / valid from 08.11.2023

Older versions:

Version 6.0 / PDF
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Terms and Conditions for Use of Time-Stamping Service

Terms and Conditions provide the conditions for use of time-stamping service and are binding for the subscriber, while using time-stamping service, and for the relying party, while relying on issued time-stamps.

Terms and Conditions for Use of Time- Stamping Service PDF / valid from 08.11.2023

Older versions:

PDF / valid from 01.05.2020
PDF / valid from 07.03.2018
PDF /valid from 01.07.2016

Subscriber Agreement

General Terms of Subscriber Agreement can be found here!