Copyright principles

The information on the,,,, websites (hereinafter: the websites) is published by SK ID Solutions and its partners. The information on the websites is subject to the following copyright and usage rules.

  • The information on the websites cannot be published, distributed, quoted or used in any other channel without SK’s prior consent. When published elsewhere, the information must contain a reference to its initial source (the website), preferably in the URL form. The publication restriction does not apply to the data that is not protected by the Copyright Act and that is listed in § 5 of the act.
  • SK and its partners shall do all within their power to ensure that the information published on the websites is authentic, correct and up-to-date.
  • The websites contain some materials the authors of which are persons not working for SK. In such cases the person has given direct or indirect consent to have the material published on the website and the author can be unequivocally identified in the material (for instance: on the title page of the report, information bulletin or other such material).
  • Neither SK nor its partners shall be in any manner held liable for direct or indirect damage due to the usage or failure to use the materials published on the websites, if such liability is not stipulated in the contract concluded by the parties.
  • From the websites certain software can be downloaded (completed programmes, libraries and components), the usage of which is regulated by the corresponding software licence contract or terms and conditions.
  • The websites contain public forums for all users and the posters can be clearly identifiable or remain anonymous. SK shall not be held liable in any manner for authenticity and up-to-dateness of the opinions, facts and assessments published by the users.
  • SK has the right to delete from the websites (forums) without notifying the user such materials published by the user that:
    • contradict legislation or best practice;
    • contain maliciously disclosed information;
    • contain advertising;
    • contain vulgarities or obscenities or are for other reasons unsuitable for publication.
  • SK has the right to proofread and edit the content of user-published materials to ensure their improved readability and understandability.
  • The websites contain references to other informational materials and websites in Estonia and abroad. SK and its partners shall not be held liable for the precision, up-to-dateness, content and information in such external materials.