Smart-ID has over 850 000 users


As of today, the electronic identity solution Smart-ID, created by SK ID Solutions, already has nearly 210 000 users in Estonia. Altogether, Smart-ID has more than 850 000 users in the Baltics.

The number of Smart-ID users has been steadily increasing every day since it was first launched and today, we have surpassed the milestone of 800 000 unique users in the Baltics. In Estonia, there are nearly 210 000 Smart-ID users, but in Latvia, more than 355 000 people have started using the authentication solution and in Lithuania, about 290 000 people. By average, 200 000 people use Smart-ID in a day and make over 12 million transactions a month by entering online services and confirming transactions.

„Over three quarters of a million Smart-ID users and a steadily rising number of transactions show clearly that people living the Baltics needed a convenient and secure authentication solution that would be mobile and free of charge for end users. This April also took us to the next stage – more specifically, it is now possible to register for Smart-ID in SEB Bank and Swedbank bank branches in all three Baltic countries. This important step will definitely further increase the amount of new users in the near future“, said Liisa Lukin, Business Development Manager of Value Added Services at SK ID Solutions.

Ede Raagmets, Manager of Customer Services at Swedbank, added: „Clients visiting Swedbank’s offices are very interested in Smart-ID. Many people, whom our employees have introduced Smart-ID, are happy to start using the service, especially when our consultant helps to download and initiate the Smart-ID app in the bank branch. There are already more than 155 000 Smart-ID users among Swedbank clients and this number is growing by 2000-3000 people a week. It is a pleasure to see that since the beginning of this year, 15 000 clients who used only code cards so far, have decided to use Smart-ID.

In addition to the growing amount of end users, more and more e-services can be used with Smart-ID: the number of such online services in Estonia is now almost 50 and is constantly growing. For example, soon Smart-ID can be used in Coop Bank. „We wish that the services of Coop Bank would be simple and Smart-ID enables us to make the use of our electronic channels a lot easier and more convenient. For the customers of Coop Bank, this is definitely an innovation awaited for long,” explained Helena Kokk, the Head of E-Channels at Coop Bank, the background of taking Smart-ID to use.

This March, the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications recognized SK ID Solutions for the technical implementation and very fast adoption rate of Smart-ID with the award Breakthrough of the Year.

The innovative and convenient Smart-ID works on a simple principle: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from Google Play or App Store to his smart device and identifies himself electronically by using his Mobile-ID or ID-card or by visiting his local bank branch. As with the ID-card and the Mobile-ID, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the same app.

Smart-ID, which is very popular in the Baltics, was launched in the beginning of 2017 by SK ID Solutions and it can be used to access the e-services in financial, educational, telecommunications, energy and retail sectors. Using Smart-ID is free of charge. More information: and

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