Smart-ID Earned the Award Breakthrough of the Year


The Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) recognized SK ID Solutions for the creation of the authentication solution Smart-ID with the award Breakthrough of the Year. The recognition was brought about by the technical implementation of Smart-ID and its very fast adoption rate.

“From a societal aspect, Smart-ID along with its fast-growing user count has created a positive and constructive basis in the Estonian public sector for a discussion about the different levels of electronic signatures. With this award, the ICT sector wishes to emphasize the cooperation between scientists and the private sector,” said Ivo Suursoo, the president of ITL.

“We launched Smart-ID just recently, in the beginning of 2017, and the solution has seen incredible success: today, we have over 750 000 users in the Baltics, of whom 180 000 are from Estonia, 330 000 from Latvia and 240 000 from Lithuania. We wish to thank the companies that helped to create Smart-ID – Cybernetica, Nortal, TTT, Stagnation Lab, ADM Interactive and Tank – and also all our other partners who participated in this project,” said Kalev Pihl, the CEO of SK ID Solutions.

The title of Deed of the Year 2017 went to the Government of the Republic of Estonia for the organization of the Tallinn Digital Summit during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The title of Idea of the Year 2017 went to the idea of starting up a discussion about whether artificial intelligence should be given a legal status.

In earlier years, ITL has also recognized the development of Mobile-ID and the launch of the ID-card with the titles of Idea of the Year.
The innovative and convenient Smart-ID works on a simple principle: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from Google Play or App Store to his smart device and identifies himself electronically by using his Mobile-ID or ID-card or by visiting his local bank branch. As with the ID-card and the Mobile-ID, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the same app.

Smart-ID, which is very popular in the Baltics, was launched in the beginning of 2017 and it can be used to access the e-services of the financial, educational, telecommunications, energy and retail sectors. Smart-ID is free to use. More information:

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