Smart-ID Rises to the Top 5 Most Liked Brands

SK ID Solutions’ Smart-ID has increasingly captured the hearts of Estonians, growing in favour to reach the top echelons of brand likability. This year, it placed to the fifth position after financial leader Swedbank and before the global tech innovator Apple. Also, Mobile-ID has shown significant progress, rising to share the 27th-28th position, substantially improving its ranking over the last year. We are sincerely grateful to our users for this high valuation, reflecting the trust and satisfaction in our service.

While previously, Smart-ID was positioned 9th in the list of most favoured brands, this year it has improved significantly to capture the 5th spot, illustrating its increasing popularity as a leading identity solution. Other TOP5 most liked brands in Estonia are confectionery company Kalev, global giants YouTube and Gmail, and Swedbank.

When considering the broader preference, i.e. the selection of a brand within the top 25 favourites of each respondent, Smart-ID stands out as a brand with substantial appeal: in this respect, Smart-ID achieved 4th place, moving up from a 10th place in 2023. Looking at how often brands are liked broadly versus being a top choice, Smart-ID stands out because it’s frequently picked as one of the top 5 favourites, showing a strong shift from general liking to top-level preference.

Smart-ID enjoys popularity across all genders, with a slight preference among women (3% more), and all age groups above 24 find it equally appealing.

Meanwhile, our SIM-based identity solution Mobile-ID also witnessed a robust surge in preference, leaping from 2% likability to a remarkable 5%. This substantial gain brought Mobile-ID up in the rankings, now sharing the 27th-28th spot with Rahva Raamat. The Mobile-ID brand also appeals to a diverse audience, with a marginally higher preference among men and individuals in higher income groups. In terms of age, it is most favoured by people between 15-34 years and those aged 50-74.

Your support and preference for Smart-ID are truly valued, and we are thankful to each user who considers us a favourite.

The Estonian Brand Ranking 2024 survey was carried out in May 2024 among 1034 Estonians aged 15-74 by Kantar Emor. The respondents evaluated 164 well-known local and international brands.

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