SK ID Solutions takes bronze in the Sustainability Index in Latvia

Sustainable and responsible business practices have become an important part of Latvia’s corporate culture over the years. To illustrate how SK ID Solutions perceives and implements environmental, social and governance awareness in our daily activities, this year for the first time we applied for the Sustainability Index assessment in Latvia. We are truly proud that our practices and attitudes towards sustainability and employee well-being have been recognised and we have been ranked among the most responsible organisations.

The Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, the organiser of the Sustainability Index, explains that trends in corporate responsibility have changed in recent years. While only five years ago sustainability, especially environmental and climate impact aspects, was on the minds of very few companies, today it is increasingly on the agenda of various companies, including Sustainability Index members. The reason is that experience has shown that it is impossible to grow an organisation in a sustainable way without investing in the sustainable development of the country and society.

More than 100 companies and institutions from a wide range of industries in Latvia applied for evaluation this year. This year, 81 of them passed the minimum threshold for the Sustainability Index (meeting at least 40% of the criteria). SK ID Solutions has been awarded bronze.

This year’s assessment highlighted several trends that positively surprised. One of them is that almost half of the Index participants are already actively and purposefully implementing various measures to promote the development of their suppliers, demonstrating their understanding of the importance of a sustainable supply chain.

The Sustainability Index is an internationally recognised strategic management tool created in 2010 to give organisations from across Latvia the opportunity to objectively assess their performance in five key aspects of sustainability: strategy, work environment, community investment, market relations and environment. On average, 120 companies, state and municipal corporations, public institutions, etc. participate each year and their performance is assessed by more than 30 experts in various fields.

At SK ID Solutions, we have a deep-rooted commitment to creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We understand that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a responsibility we hold towards our planet and community.

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