Once again Smart-ID has been recognised as the most loved digital tool brand in Latvia

The majority of people in Latvia would definitely use Smart-ID and recognise it as one of their favourite digital tool brands – a finding that has delighted the Smart-ID team for the second year in a row. This year, Brand Capital, the largest brand and lifestyle study in the Baltics, conducted by Norstat, asked Baltic citizens about more than 600 brands and 300 lifestyle questions. We are honored that Smart-ID is not only the most loved, but also the highest quality and most used brand in the digital tools category in Latvia.

Current trends for society in general

The findings of this year’s study are really valuable for IT companies, from the fact that the Baltic population is increasingly interested in technology and innovation, to the fact that around three quarters of the public believe that many things in their lives could be automated, thus making everyday life much easier. Likewise, with the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in both professional and leisure contexts, more than 60% of the Baltic population supports the development of AI and the automation of workplace processes.

Smart-ID as a multifaceted brand

As every year, all brands were analysed in the Brand Capital study in several categories – quality, value for money, greenness, humanity, users and bravery, or a bold approach to communication, which was explored for the first time this year. Smart-ID, the authentication and electronic signature tool, was ranked by Latvians as both the most loved and the highest quality brand, as well as the most used digital tool brand.

The brand was also ranked in the TOP 3 in both the value for money and humanity categories, as well as the second most environmentally friendly digital tool brand in Latvia. We are proud that Smart-ID has become even more recognisable in Latvia since last year – almost 94% of Latvians know the brand.

The study also explains the levels of relationship and loyalty of the participants to each of the brands studied, segmenting these relationships into several relationship levels. We are pleased to see that the proportion of Smart-ID fans (brand lovers and friends) has increased compared to last year, reaching almost 70%. To give a little insight into this audience, we are happy to see that the values of our company and our brand fans are aligned – Smart-ID lovers and friends are open to innovation, believe that to be successful you always need to keep learning new things, and support sustainable ideas.

Finally, the participants were also asked whether they support biometric authentication. 69.3% of the Baltic citizens believe that biometric authentication makes the authentication process easier and more secure.

The Smart-ID team thanks the participants of the study and researchers and appreciates the loyalty and appreciation of the current users!

*Baltic Brand research has been gathering the opinion of the Baltic citizens on more than 600 brands and 300 lifestyle issues for 19 years. The study was conducted by Norstat, the leading research agency in the Baltics, online in June-July 2023, among 3,028 economically active Baltic citizens aged 15-74 who use the internet at least once a week. The survey is based on an internationally developed and locally adapted brand research methodology.

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