SK ID Solutions Supports Cybersecurity Improvement for Estonian SMEs

A recent initiative aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity of small and medium-sized Estonian businesses has drawn attention to the critical role of digital security in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Spearheaded by a collaboration between SK ID Solutions and other key players from the Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association (ITL), the project underscored the importance of responsibility of ITL member companies who are expected to offer services that inherently adhere to robust security standards, thereby demonstrating their central and leading role in shaping a secure cybersecurity landscape.

Contributing to the cybersecurity project, Kalev Pihl, Tanel Nargla, and Mikk Mähar from SK ID Solutions played pivotal roles, offering their expertise to uncover vulnerabilities and propose efficient solutions. Their involvement demonstrates our broader commitment to fostering a safe digital environment that benefits the entire Estonian economy.

The 3-month project discovered weaknesses in the cyber defences of participating businesses, emphasizing the need for enhanced security measures, and practices. Moreover, the project reinforced the indispensable requirement for IT companies to offer secure services to all their clients.

Mikk Mähar explained that their mission involved conducting ‘friendly’ attacks on selected businesses: “With thorough preparation, attacks we carried out were successful, strongly emphasizing the reality that a truly motivated attacker will finally be successful, provided the potential reward is sufficiently enticing.”

SK acknowledges that in addition to the security of our own services, it is also paramount to keep the Estonian SME community informed and prepared as new cyber risks emerge. This project allowed us to participate in addressing these challenges while continuing to focus on our core services, and help to contribute to a more security-oriented IT ecosystem in Estonia.

“These real-life scenarios have unequivocally highlighted our responsibility as ICT service providers to strive for improvement. Consequently, ITL has initiated the creation of best practice guidelines for various services issued by the member companies,” said Kalev Pihl.

More information about the project, professional advice, and a list of IT companies adhering to good practices can be found on the ITL website, under the cyber-support section.

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