Year 2022 at SK ID Solutions


2022 was the year when we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Smart-ID, 15 years of the first issuance of Mobile-ID, 20 successful years of Estonian ID-card and 20 years of the first digital signature given in Estonia. Throughout the year, we grew our international team and in December 2022 we employed already 80 talents in three countries. And for a first time we exceeded the annual revenue threshold of €15 million.

We kicked off the year by reaching the finals of Dream Employer Competition.

To respond to the changing eIDAS regulation, we launched an R&D project together with Cybernetica AS. The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aims to develop a new generation solution that will increase the added value of the eID service and takes the eID usage experience to new level – eID meets physical world.

In spring we showcased our identity solutions in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and fintech conference ECOM21 in Riga.

In May, SK signed a 5-year contract with Estonian state to ensure the continuation of the Mobile-ID service as a state-guaranteed identity document. For a better user experience, we improved the process of applying for the Mobile-ID significantly easier – now the document can be obtained fully online. In Lithuania we reached 400 000 Mobile-ID users.

A survey by the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority showed that 76.5% of all qualified electronic signature certificates issued to Lithuanians or 99.7% of certificates intended for signing with mobile devices are issued by SK ID Solutions. In Lithuania we provide qualified electronic signature certificates for Mobile-ID, Smart-ID and e-Seal.

In spring, we also finished Green Tiger Academy programme to comprehend the amount of CO2 our digital identity services generate.

From May to October, we sponsored Cyber Battle of Estonia, a series of cyber hacking events aimed at young Estonians.

In July, we launched new Mobile-ID website and introduced a new visual identity for Mobile-ID.

Our efforts were recognised by the international market survey company Kantar Emor whose annual brand survey placed Mobile-ID in the 50 most favourable brands in Estonia. Smart-ID was ranked 5-6th after such brand names like YouTube and Google. Also brand survey conducted by Havas Estonia identified Smart-ID as one of the top brands Estonians are most fond of.

Global brand and lifestyle study Brand Capital found that Smart-ID is the most loved and most unique digital tool brand in Latvia.

In August, SK’s services faced series of the most extensive cyber attacks ever but we are well protected and they were ineffective.

In Latvia, we participated in international BiSMART IT Profession Conference 2022 and business technology fair RIGA COMM. In Lithuania we contributed to the management of the DigiT Baltic 2022 international conference. In Dubai, we presented our solutions at the GITEX event.

In November, the 13th SK Annual Conference focused on the ecological footprint of digital services, sustainability and greenwashing.

In Lithuania we launched Smart-ID onboarding for minors using biometric data. With this we aim to contribute to young Lithuanians development of financial literacy and educate them about online safety.

The overall score of our annual customer NPS survey was 50, which shows that our customers value SK’s services and our services deserve their recommendation.

In 2022 there were more than 3 million active Smart-ID users, almost 650 000 active Mobile-ID users and 800 000 Estonian ID-card users who made 2.3 billion transactions in total across all our services.

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