Smart-ID is the most preferred authentication tool in public e-services


According to the news portal Geenius, Smart-ID has been the most popular tool for accessing Estonian public e-services since July 2020, when the number of Smart-ID authentications in public authentication service TARA surpassed those of Mobile-ID and ID-cards for the first time. Since then, Smart-ID has become increasingly popular.

For the first time, Smart-ID was used more than other means for TARA authentication in July 2020. At that time, Smart-ID was used 318,069 times, ID-card 322,831 times and Mobile-ID 198,723 times. Half a year later, Smart-ID was used over a million times a month to access public services and has remained at this level for the past 24 months. No other authentication tool has ever exceeded the million mark for this long and enjoyed the status of the most popular tool.

“All authentication solutions created by SK ID Solutions meet the highest possible level of trust and the signature given with them is equal to a signature given by hand. Thanks to this, Smart-ID and Mobile-ID have equal trustworthiness. It does not matter to us which SK-created authentication tool is used more. Our goal is for Estonian people to be able to use all authentication tools in all e-services,” said Liisa Lukin, member of the board of SK ID Solutions.

Currently, 64 organizations use the public authentication service TARA, but there are hundreds of e-services related to the state that can be logged into via TARA.

In Estonia, there are over 1.4 million ID-cards, 244,237 Mobile-IDs and 664,470 Smart-IDs in use.

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