Year 2017 at SK ID Solutions


In February, SK launched Smart-ID solution in the Baltics. Smart-ID is a new generation electronic identity solution for smart devices. It is developed for international markets and relies on secure technologies. Smart-ID is in accordance with the European regulation on trust services (eIDAS) and payment services directive (PSD2).

By the end of the year, Smart-ID had already more than 600 000 end users across the Baltics, as well as several dozens of e-services supporting Smart-ID as an authentication tool. Smart-ID turned out to be the most popular in Latvia where there was no mobile, convenient and secure authentication solution on the market. The quick adoption of Smart-ID was supported by the fact that it is free of charge for end users.

The user numbers of Mobile-ID grew by 28% in Estonia, reaching to 160 000 users at the end of 2017. The growth was due to ROCA security flaw which in addition to Estonian residents and e-residents affected millions of users around the world. We closed our LDAP service, suspended hundreds of thousands of ID-card certificates and issued new ones. That proved how important it is for users to own multiple digital IDs parallelly.

Compared to 2016, the amount of active eID users rose by 16% in Estonia. In Latvia, we started providing our services from scratch, so the remarkable growth in user numbers exceeded our expectations. In Lithuania, Smart-ID gained more users within three months than Mobile-ID had during 10 years. Altogether, SK’s services were used for authentication and signing by more than 1 million unique users.

In the middle of the year we started issuing e-Seals on international market, e.g. you can find our e-Seals in Lithuania, Austria and Malta. Export sales of Time-Stamping Service was also boosted and we found new clients in Europe, but also in Vietnam.

Transactions, where SK’s services were used for validity confirmation, timestamping or mediating Mobile-ID and Smart-ID authentication/signing exceeded 400 million.

In September, we stopped issuing web server certificates, because of constantly changing requirements of different market players, as well as lack customers on home market. Instead, we focused on international sales of our other services where we can create more value.

In November, we held the traditional SK Annual Conference with Pablos Holman, a futurist, inventor and renown hacker as the keynote.

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