The DigiDocService service will be shut down in 2020


SK ID Solutions will stop offering its DigiDocService web service from October 2020. This change will affect all e-services that allow for the use of Mobile-ID or use the DigiDocService web service for actions related to using the ID-card.

Why will this change be implemented?

Interfacing with the Mobile-ID service has been unchanged since 2007. But with the implementation of new technologies, SK ID Solutions wishes to offer the best technological solutions that also meet the newest requirements and offer the highest possible level of security.

SK will completely stop offering the service for creating signatures, validating signatures and creating signed containers. Today, there are many different options on the market for giving signatures, validating them and for creating signed containers, and these are available in the form of solutions provided by both the state and third parties.

When will the change come into effect?

From October 1, 2020, the service will no longer be available for use.

Who will be affected by this change?

All e-services, applications and information systems:

  1. where Mobile-ID can be used;
  2. that use the DigiDocService web service for signing, creating signature containers or for checking the validity of signatures (this includes Mobile-ID, the ID-card, e-stamps);
  3. that use the DigiDocService web service for authentication via ID-card.

What should e-service providers do to continue to offer support for Mobile-ID?

Those e-services who support their customers with the option of authenticating themselves with Mobile-ID and using it for signing, must interface their e-service or application with the Mobile-ID REST API service.

The Mobile-ID REST API is simpler than the current DigiDocService web service, it is based on the microservice architecture and has a much more focused functionality. The service has been available for use since June 2019.

Like the DigiDocService web service, the Mobile-ID REST API service has a DEMO environment that can be used to develop and test the applications.

You can find technical information about the Mobile-ID REST API here.

Mobile-ID REST API parameters (RelyingPartyUUID and RelyingPartyName/Service Name) are available from SK e-service for representative and contact person. In order to grant access to MID REST API please write sales[A] or call +372 610 1885.

What are the main differences between the DigiDocService web service and the new Mobile-ID REST API?

The differences between the Mobile-ID REST API and the DigiDocService service are detailed here.

The most notable differences are:

  • the personal identification code and the telephone number are mandatory parameters for initiating an authentication and signature request;
  • in case of signing, the service returns the signed hash. The signature and container must be assembled on the e-service side.

What should those e-service providers do who need a new solution for giving signatures?

All e-services that use the DigiDocService web service for signing with Mobile-ID and the ID-card or for validating signatures can choose between the following state and third-party solutions:

What should those e-service providers do who need a new solution for authentication via ID-card?

The most convenient way for checking the validity of certificates when using the ID-card for authentication is to use the SK validity confirmation service, which uses the OCSP protocol.

You can find further technical information about the service here.

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