SK ID Solutions won the title of Innovator of the Year


SK ID Solutions earned the title of Innovator of the Year for their notably successful development of Smart-ID at the “Entrepreneurship Competition 2019” organised by Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

The purpose of the title of Innovator of the Year is to recognise Estonian companies who have introduced and implemented innovative solutions to their products, services, technology or within their organisation over the past three years.

According to Kalev Pihl, the CEO of SK ID Solutions, the Innovator of the Year title honours and acknowledges everyone who has been involved in making Smart-ID a success. “I truly felt like an ambassador to our people when I accepted the Innovator of the Year prize, because with this prize, Enterprise Estonia acknowledged so many people whom I had the honour of representing. The team at SK is simply the best – together, we are way more awesome than you could ever guess if you just looked at each of us separately and tried to imagine us as a group based on that! At the same time, innovation is always created through teamwork and we would all like to extend huge thanks to our partners and clients who helped us make Smart-ID into such a success.”

In addition to the Innovator of the Year title, Enterprise Estonia also featured SK ID Solutions in the Exporter of the Year category.

The awards given out at the “Entrepreneurship Competition” are the biggest prizes that successful and remarkable companies can aspire to in Estonia. In cooperation with experts from different fields, who helped evaluate the economic figures, values, and societal contributions of various companies, Enterprise Estonia picked out three of the most noteworthy companies in five different categories as the nominees for each category. From among them, the winners were then chosen by a panel of judges.

Comodule and Mainor Ülemiste were the other two companies nominated for the Innovator of the Year title alongside SK ID Solutions. The prize was formally presented to SK ID Solutions at a grand gala on October 11, which was organised by Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

SK ID Solutions first introduced Smart-ID in 2017 and today, it is being used by 2,5 million people. Smart-ID is available in all three Baltic states and can be used in more than 100 e-services.



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