Smart-ID’s security was recognized on the highest possible level


At today’s SK Annual Conference, it was announced that authentication solution Smart-ID is QSCD, which means that it now meets the highest level of electronic signature. This gives Smart-ID users the possibility to legally sign any electronic document with Smart-ID. These signatures are equivalent to handwritten signatures and must be recognized by every EU member state.

Since the launch of Smart-ID, it has been asked when its digital signature will become equal to ID-card or Mobile-ID. Now, all preconditions have been met and it is possible to give legally binding QES level signatures with Smart-IDs issued from 8th of November 2018. In addition to this, Smart-ID is the first Estonian digital signature solution, which has gone through the technical certification based on European regulations – all previous solutions have received their rights from the transitional provision. The next similarly certified solution will be the new Estonian ID-card.

After a thorough certification, Smart-ID is now recognized as QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device). This is the highest level of recognition in the EU and now all Smart-ID users can digitally sign documents on Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) level that must be recognized across EU. The evaluation of both, the product and the service, was conducted by the German security certification organization TÜViT.

“For SK ID Solutions, this was a long and useful experience. We as a team are very happy that we can now provide our clients something they have long expected. Certifying Smart-ID as a product will open otherwise unreachable possibilities. This is a solid guarantee to both e-service providers and Smart-ID users that Smart-ID is worth the trust it has been already given. It is an extremely important change to all the Smart-ID users – more than the number of people living in Estonia”, said Kalev Pihl, the CEO of SK ID solutions.

According to Mr. Pihl, SK ID Solutions will continue evaluating Smart-ID as authentication service in EU member states where the service will be provided. At the moment it has not been possible as judicial area is still evolving.

All Smart-IDs issued after 08.11.2018 are automatically QSCD. Previously registered users, who want the QES level to electronically sign documents, need to update the app and go through the onboarding process again. That can be easily done using the mobile-ID or ID-card.

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