Smart-ID now has more than 100 000 users


SK ID Solutions’ new electronic identity solution Smart-ID has already been adopted by 30 000 people in Estonia. Overall, Smart-ID now has over 100 000 users in the Baltics.

Since Smart-ID was first launched, new users have been signing up for the service every day and now, the service has crossed the milestone of 100 000 active Smart-ID users. Out of all the Smart-ID users, about 50 000 are from Latvia and more than 23 000 from Lithuania.

According to Liisa Lukin, the Business Development Manager of Value Added Services at SK ID Solutions, crossing the threshold of 100 000 Smart-ID users in the first few months is a very good result, “Considering that Latvia is a new market for SK ID Solutions, the 50 000 users over there is a truly delightful achievement. We are also happy about the positive feedback that users have given Smart-ID. Especially in Latvia where until now, there were basically no convenient electronic authentication solutions.”

Starting from today, in addition to SEB Bank, Swedbank and other e-services, Smart-ID can also be used in the new DigiDoc portal and in the business information database Soon, LHV’s e-bank will also join the service.

“We wish to ensure that LHV’s electronic channels can be used by everyone as conveniently as possible, and by widening the options for secure authentication, we also make using our channels much more convenient for our clients. We wish to add the possibility of using Smart-ID to log in to LHV’s internet bank and LHV’s mobile bank in the near future,” said LHV Bank’s Head of Retail Banking, Andres Kitter.

Starting from today, users of the DigiDoc portal can also use the service with Smart-ID. “As of today, Estonia’s largest document management and signature portal DigiDoc can be logged in to by using Smart-ID. If up until now, users could authenticate themselves by using the ID-card or Mobile-ID, then today we have added another secure, fast and convenient option for authentication and signing – Smart-ID,” said Gintas Balciunas, Head of Business Development at Estina, the company that manages the DigiDoc portal.

“As the owners of Estonia’s largest business information database, E-Krediidiinfo, we are always open to innovative solutions. Having heard of Smart-ID, we took this opportunity to make sure that our customers have another convenient and handy method of logging in to the database – the new solution does not require a contract or a monthly fee from the users,” said Veiko Meos, Member of the Board at CreditInfo Eesti AS.

The innovative Smart-ID works on a simple principle: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on to their smart device and identifies themself by using Mobile ID or their ID card. As with the ID card and Mobile ID, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the app. Using Smart-ID is free of charge. More information can be found at:

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identity solutions. We are Estonia’s partner in issuing certificates for identity documents. We enable the citizens of different countries to log on to e-services and use digital signatures. SK ID Solutions caters to more than 600 organizations, which include financial, healthcare, and various other private and public sector e-services. Our services in Estonia have more than 600 000 end users.

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