Last remaining RSA 1024-bit Mobile-ID and Digi-ID certificates to be revoked on 1 April 2017


In April, multi-year preparations will be completed to withdraw document certificates based on 1024-bit RSA key from use and transition to keys with stronger encryption.

Already this Saturday, 1 April 2017, Mobile-ID and Digi-ID certificates based on 1024-bit keys will be revoked in order to transition to more secure keys. This change will not affect any ID-cards.

For Mobile-ID, the change will only affect those users who got a Mobile-ID SIM card from their operator before 2015 and applied for certificates during 2014. Customers can get a brand new and more secure Mobile-ID SIM card from their operator, for which they can apply for new certificates that will be valid for 5 years. Customers will not have to pay any state fees when they conclude the contract.

For Digi-ID the change will affect those users whose card was issued before 1 December 2014. The document holder must go to their nearest service office of the Police and Border Guard Board where they can choose to either accept a new document free of charge until the expiry of their old digital ID or apply for a new document valid for 3 years by paying the state fees that are due.

All users whose documents will be revoked has received notice from their mobile network operator or the Police and Border Guard Board.

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