Smart-ID has over 200,000 end users


As of today, 50,000 people across Estonia are using the electronic identity solution developed by SK ID Solutions. Today, the total number of Smart-ID users in the Baltic countries is over 200,000.

The Smart-ID user community has been steadily growing over the years and has now reached a milestone of over 200,000 unique Smart-ID users across the Baltic countries. There are more than 50,000 new users of this authentication tool in Estonia, as many as 100,000 in Latvia, and 60,000 in Lithuania. On average, 45,000 people use Smart-ID every day.

Last week, Smart-ID was recognized with the prestigious national Service of the Year 2017 award in Lithuania. The competition’s jury assessed the innovativeness, user satisfaction, competitive advantages, and added value of each service nominated for the award. There were 150 products and services that competed in the 12 categories of the competition.

“200,000 Smart-ID users and a steadily growing number of transactions clearly show that people in the Baltic countries needed a convenient and secure authentication tool. The number of Smart-ID users is growing the fastest in Latvia, which lacked a convenient electronic authentication tool before this,” said Liisa Lukin, Business Development Manager at SK ID Solutions. She added that the Service of the Year 2017 award is a very important achievement for SK ID Solutions, and illustrates how welcome and necessary Smart-ID service is in Lithuania.

Besides SEB Pank, Swedbank, the DigiDoc portal, and other e-services, Smart-ID can also be used in Eesti Gaas’ self-service, and in the LHV online and mobile bank systems. As of today, customers can also authenticate themselves in Telia’s self-service environments via Smart-ID.

“This is another step towards providing the best and most convenient service to customers in our self-service environment. The use of Mobile-ID is constantly growing and we hope to see a similar trend with regard to Smart-ID,” said Ergo Tars, Head of System Lifecycle Management at Telia Eesti.

Innovative and handy, Smart-ID is based on a simple principle: a user downloads the Smart-ID application, from Google Play or App Store, to ones smart device and authenticates himself/herself by using Mobile-ID or ID-card. Similar to the ID-card and Mobile-ID, Smart-ID uses PIN1 and PIN2 codes, which are created by the user in the same application. Using Smart-ID is free of charge. Further information is available at:

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identity solutions. We are the partner of the Estonian state in issuing certificates for national identity documents. We enable the citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and give digital signatures. SK ID Solutions caters to more than 600 organizations, which include financial, healthcare, and various other private and public sector e-services. Our services have more than 700,000 end users in Estonia.

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