Number of Smart-ID users in the Baltics surpasses 200 000


The number of unique Smart-ID users in the Baltic states has surpassed 200 000. The new electronic identity solution used for authorization in Swedbank’s and SEB Bank’s internet banks is used by 100 000 people in Latvia, 60 500 people in Lithuania and more than 50 000 in Estonia.

Since Smart-ID was introduced in Latvia, the number of users has been rapidly increasing. In April 2017, Smart-ID was used by 50 000 people to access their online bank accounts and, by the end of May, this number has doubled to 100 000 unique users. In Latvia, Smart-ID, which was developed by Estonian e-identity solutions company SK ID Solutions, is used by customers to access Swedbank’s and SEB Bank’s private internet bank accounts.

“In Latvia, there was basically no convenient electronic identification system, so we are very proud of the results we have achieved and will only go forwards from here. 50 000 new users in April and 50 000 more in May shows that people have been waiting for an easy-to-use solution for faster and more convenient access of e-services. Additionally, according to the EU regulations, a strong authentication tool is needed to access internet banks. I suggest Latvians to get Smart-ID before it’s too late and the limits of transactions with code cards will be limited even more. Currently, Smart-ID in Latvia can be used to access personal internet bank accounts, but the possibilities for what Smart-ID could be used for are a lot wider. For example, in Estonia users can authenticate and use Smart-ID for e-signatures in the largest document management portal or access the e-services of the cable-TV provider Starman. Hence, we are waiting for Latvian e-services to adopt Smart-ID, too,” said Liisa Lukin, Business Development Manager of Value Added Services at SK ID Solutions.

SEB Bank’s Private Person and Small and Medium Business Services Director Arnis Skapars: “Feedback from clients are unambiguous. Those who tried Smart-ID are not going back to code cards. The biggest advantages of using Smart-ID are not only the security and convenience of usage, but also the comfort of having the app in your smartphone at all times. This is the primary solution we are offering to our clients. The only cases where we offer other  possibilities to our clients, like the code calculator, is if the provided solution does not suit our clients for some reason.”

“In a surprisingly short time, the new internet banking tool Smart-ID gained a lot of popularity in Latvia. This proves our society’s openness to innovative digital solutions and that this tool is very comfortable and makes it tremendously easier to use financial services while using a desktop computer either at home or at work, or while using smart devices. The most essential part is that Smart-ID users can already enjoy all the bonuses that come from the modern bank just from their pocket or on their nightstand. This bank is a bank that doesn’t require going anywhere and is with us at all times with the mobile app,” said Vadims Frolovs, Swedbank’s Member of the Board and Client Service Administration Director.

Proving its high value, Smart-ID service has been nominated for the National Business Awards in Service of the Year category in Lithuania, which is organized by the Lithuanian Business Confederation. The Lithuanian National Business Awards, Service of the Year nomination is awarded to companies for exceptional efforts in providing innovative, high value added, competitive services.

Smart-ID works on a simple principle: user downloads the Smart-ID app from Google Play Store or App Store to their smart device and identifies himself by ID-card or bank code card. As with the ID-card, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the same app. Using Smart-ID is free of charge and user data is completely secure. More information can be found at:

About SK ID Solutions 

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identity solutions. We are the partner of the Estonian state in issuing certificates for national identity documents. We enable the citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and give digital signatures. SK ID Solutions caters to more than 600 organizations, which include financial, healthcare, and various other private and public sector e-services. Our services have more than 700 000 end users in Estonia.

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