Smart-ID has acquired local qualified status for authentication in Latvia

Smart-ID, the international identity solution fully compliant with the EU eIDAS regulation, has also achieved local qualified status for authentication in Latvia, bringing substantial benefits to our users. This accomplishment not only underscores our commitment to providing secure and reliable digital identity solutions everywhere and for everyone, but also highlights its utmost significance for SK ID Solutions. It reinforces our mission to ensure the highest level of trust and confidence in digital transactions and identity verification.

Since 2017, Smart-ID has been the most extensively used digital identity solution in Latvia, with over a million users. It is widely used in hundreds of Latvian e-services, establishing us as a reliable provider. Obtaining local qualified status has been a goal of ours since the beginning, and the process has taken several years. It is critical for us to ensure that our solution complies with both local and EU requirements, demonstrating our dedication to compliance and fulfilling the highest data security and user privacy standards.

With the newly acquired local qualified status in Latvia, Smart-ID will seamlessly integrate into various platforms, allowing individuals to conveniently access Latvian public sector services. When Smart-ID is incorporated into relevant e-services, such as government portals or other critical e-services, it will serve as a reliable and efficient form of identifying.

“SK ID Solutions expresses sincere appreciation to our team members in Latvia and Estonia for their invaluable efforts in obtaining the prestigious local qualified status for authentication. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and hard work have played a vital role in reaching this significant milestone, further solidifying Smart-ID’s position as a trusted digital identity solution in this region. We are immensely proud of our team’s achievements and their instrumental contribution to delivering outstanding digital identity solutions. Together, we are shaping the future of secure authentication services, not only in the Baltic region but also worldwide,” said Liisa Lukin, member of the board of SK ID Solutions.

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