Only Authorized Brokers Have the Right to Resell SK Services from June 1st

SK ID Solutions introduces a broker framework aimed at promoting transparency, security, and fair competition among SK’s esteemed network of brokers. The new policy marks a significant milestone in establishing standardized rules and guidelines, ensuring a consistent level of service quality and security across all SK brokers.

As of June 1st, SK is implementing the General Terms of the Broker Agreement, granting exclusive resale rights solely to authorized brokers – customers who offer SK’s services to their clientele. All current brokers have been personally notified to ensure timely contract renewal and compliance with the new policy.

The General Terms of Broker Agreement is available at the Repository. In line with the change, the new pricing is introduced to all brokers.

The goal of the new framework is to define the principles and general terms of reselling SK services by brokers. By adhering to the framework, brokers are required to comply with security rules, including following best practices and meeting SK’s security requirements. These rules are in place to maintain the highest standards of security and reliability in the services provided.

“Brokers play a crucial role in our service ecosystem. With the introduction of the broker framework, we aim to establish a clear understanding of the rules governing reselling of SK services. To provide clarity to our clients and enable them to easily identify authorized broker. E-service providers can confidently engage with these brokers, knowing they will receive trustworthy services and value-added benefits such as a convenient signing of various document formats, an authentication gateway, and more,” commented Viktoras Kamarevcevas, Director of Business Development.

The introduction of the broker framework highlights SK’s pledge to fostering strong partnerships and a thriving broker ecosystem. By prioritizing consistent standard and fair competition, SK solidifies its position as an industry leader, delivering secure and reliable e-identity solutions to customers across the Baltics and beyond.

For more information about the broker framework or Broker Agreement please contact

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