End-entity certificates expired under ESTEID-SK 2011 CA


SK ID Solutions announces that as of 11.03.2021, all end-entity certificates under ESTEID-SK 2011 certification chain have expired.

Certificates issued under the intermediate CA ESTEID-SK 2011 have expired as of 11.03.2021. The last expired certificates were issued to the Estonian Mobile-ID service. During 2011-2015 intermediate CA ESTEID-SK 2011 was used to issue certificates for Estonian Mobile-ID and ID-cards.

As a result of the expiration of the certificates, the ESTEID-SK 2011 revocation list (CRL) no longer holds entries. SK revocation lists contain information only on revoked and suspended certificates. Certificates that are declared as not valid remain in the CRL at least until they expire.

This intermediate certificate ESTEID-SK 2011 is still valid until 18.03.2024 but will be revoked during the first half of 2021. A more detailed plan, when all the necessary operations for closing the certification service will be performed, will be published by SK no later than 03.05.2021.

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