Revocation of ESTEID-SK 2011 intermediate certificate


SK ID Solutions announces that on 18.05.2021 the ESTEID-SK 2011 intermediate certificate will be marked revoked in root certificate revocation list (CRL). This is due to all the end entity certificates having been expired or revoked under given CA.

18.05.2021 the root certificate “EE Certification Centre Root CA” certificate revocation list (CRL) will be published, where intermediate certificate ESTEID-SK 2011 will be revoked.

In addition, the last ESTEID-SK 2011 intermediate CA revocation list is published since 27.04.2021. This means, that ESTEID-SK 2011 revocation list will no longer be updated. Service providers who use CRL’s issued by SK, do not need to download anymore the ESTEID-SK 2011 CRL afterwards. Please check the rules for requesting CRL’s in your services.

Supervision will be ceased for the ESTEID-SK 2011 in the next version of Trusted List (available at:

The ESTEID-SK 2011 validity confirmation service (OCSP) will be closed after certificate is marked with status ceased in Trusted List.

During 2011-2015 time-period intermediate CA ESTEID-SK 2011 was used to issue certificates for Estonian Mobile-ID and Estonian ID cards.
This change does not affect Smart-ID, Estonian Mobile-ID and ID-card authentication or electronic signing.

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