Closing ESTEID-SK 2011 OCSP responder


SK ID Solutions announces that on 10.06.2021 intermediate certificate ESTEID-SK 2011 OCSP responder will be shut down in production environment. After closing the validity confirmation service, the information of the certificates issued by ESTEID-SK 2011 is no longer available from the service URLs listed below:

This change does not affect availability of other CA validity confirmation services.

SK announced earlier in May this year about revocation of the intermediate certificate ESTEID-SK 2011 CA.
As of 18.05.2021 the ESTEID-SK 2011 certificate has been marked as ‘revoked’ in the EECCRCA root CRL. In the Estonian Trusted List (available at: with sequence number 55, the ESTEID-SK 2011 service status is marked ‘withdrawn’ since 20.05.2021.

All issued end-entity certificates from the ESTEID-SK 2011 certification chain have been revoked or expired. During 2011-2015 time-period intermediate CA ESTEID-SK 2011 was used to issue certificates for Estonian Mobile-ID and Estonian ID cards.

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