Changes in organisation certificates CA on 09.04.2024

Starting 09.04.2024 organisation certificates will be issued from new certification authority (CA). 

Current organisation certificates intermediate CA “KLASS3-SK 2016” will be replaced with new CA named “ORG 2021E”,  which is issued by new root CA.

Important dates regards switching organisation certificate hierarchy are:

  • 12.03.2024 – TEST environment changed
  • 09.04.2024 – PRODUCTION environment will be changed

Changes will affect e-services, applications and information systems using directly or indirectly certificates issued to organisations, but not limited to:

  • National data exchange layer X-tee (security servers owners) – X-tee ecosystem uses e-Seal and Authentication certificates.
  • validation & signing solution providers
  • solutions which use custom trust store for certificates instead of EU Trusted List

It is important to note, that all valid organisation certificates issued under KLASS3-SK 2016 CA will be served until expiry or revocation.

We have put together set of Q&A section in our new PKI Github repository, where all details from technical to non-technical have been described.

The transition to new PKI hierarchy and using more secure key lengths adds more security and helps to preserve the integrity in long term. Also moving to new PKI is inevitable due expiration of EECCRCA root certificate in 2030.

Please let our support know if you encounter problems during testing or if you have any questions:

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