Delfi: In SK, you can really make the lives of millions of people better and safer


News portal Delfi published an article about the reasons why is SK ID Solutions one of the most favourable employers in three Baltic countries. The article points out that one of the main motivations for SK’s team is the responsibility for big and important things like helping millions of people to authenticate themselves securely, and companies to grow quickly across borders. 

Katrin Laas-Mikko, who joined SK ID Solutions as a quality manager in 2007 and currently leads a team of 10 persons that identifies risks to SK’s services, says that her work is exciting because the risks are constantly changing: “Providing and protecting e-identity is intense work and full of daily challenges. On the one hand, we coordinate the information security of the entire company, that is, we ensure that our company, our people and our services are always protected, millions of people could securely authenticate and make bank transfers. And on the other hand, we help other SK teams so that our services always meet the highest security standards.”

According to Katrin, the recipe of becoming a team lead with huge responsibility is constant development: “If someone wants to get better at something or acquire a new skill, then SK always provides the opportunity. Because everyone wins from this – the employee, the entire company and all those who use SK’s services. Smarter people do smarter things.”.

Katrin has grown and kept her team together for years and knows very well why SK ID Solutions is one of the most attractive employers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: “We care about every employee and that’s not just a cliché. It really is so, and our people can always be sure that they are never alone in their worries and joys.”.

In the article, internal services team lead Maili Saia, who makes sure that everything from email to conference equipment works better today than yesterday, is quoted saying that she is motivated by standing up for a common cause: “It is very important for me to be able to speak on many topics. I see that my contribution is valued, and we are all working towards the same goal. It motivates a lot and makes your eyes shine in the morning.”.

The article was published in 2022 in Delfi.

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