Clients of Medicinos Bankas can now use Smart-ID for authentication


Starting from today, the customers of Medicinos Bankas can log in to their online bank accounts by using the modern identification tool Smart-ID, developed by SK ID Solutions. This solution has already been implemented by some of the biggest banks in Lithuania.

“The successful implementation of Smart-ID is the result of several months of close cooperation with Medicinos Bankas. Smart-ID is the fastest growing digital ID solution in Lithuania and the other Baltic states. This is due to the solution’s convenience and security which, at the moment, no other authentication tool is able to provide at the same level. A year ago, Smart-ID had around 200 000 users but today, over 800 000 people are using it to access various e-services. Now, Medicinos Bankas’ customers can create a Smart-ID account using Medicinos Bankas’ electronic channels,” said the Lithuanian business manager for SK ID Solutions, Viktoras Kamarevcevas.

“The bank will continue to use existing identification solutions, such as m.signature and PIN/TAN code cards, but with the rapid changes in user needs and user experience in digital channels, we have decided to expand our range of identification tools,” said the Head of Digital Banking of Medicinos Bankas, Danatas Cherjazdanov. “Smart-ID is a safe, convenient, modern and popular identification tool not only in Lithuania, but also in other Baltic countries.”

Cherjazdanov hopes that the new identification tool will be of interest to many of those customers who are currently using other tools to log in to e-banking services. Medicinos Bankas will be implementing Smart-ID in both their currently existing systems and those systems that are still in development. Cherjazdanov also pointed out that other banking systems have been able to implement Smart-ID very quickly and smoothly.

SK ID Solutions launched the Smart-ID identification solution in the Baltic States in early 2017. In addition to Medicinos Bankas in Lithuania, the app is also used by Swedbank, SEB Bank, Šiauliu Bank and Luminor. Last November, Smart-ID achieved the highest level of security when it became a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) which is equivalent to a handwritten signature recognized throughout the European Union. For the end users, Smart-ID is free to use for an unlimited amount of time.

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identification solutions. It is the partner of the Estonian state issuing certificates of national identification documents. SK ID Solutions serves more than 600 financial, health, education, and e-services of various private and public sector organizations. The company has more than 2 million end users in the Baltic States. Alongside Lithuanian mobile operators, SK ID Solutions also provides a mobile e-signature solution which is used by approximately 200 000 local customers.

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