Changes in the Time-Stamping Service certificate (April 1, 2019)


On April 1, 2019, an important change will be implemented in the SK Time-Stamping Service which will affect all SK Time-Stamping Service users.

On April 1 at 3.30 PM EET, the SK Time-Stamping Service certificate will be updated. The new Time-Stamping Service certificate is available to download at (CN=SK TIMESTAMPING AUTHORITY 2019). The new certificate has been added to version 46 of the Trust Service Status List (TSL) which was released on March 11, 2019.

Due to this change, users will need to either update the Trust List on their information systems or manually set up their systems to trust the new Time-Stamping Service certificate. We recommend making the necessary changes in your information systems before April 1. In systems where the change is not made before then, use of the Time-Stamping Service may be interrupted, including when signing documents and validating signatures.

X-tee customers will not have to make any changes in their X-tee security servers in connection to the Time-Stamping Service certificate change. The Information System Authority will add the new certificate to the X-tee central server, which will then be added to the security servers of all members after the automatic global conf update which takes place once every minute. The security server will adopt the new certificate, although it will continue displaying the previous certificate’s name. If you wish, you may remove the old name SK TIMESTAMPING AUTHORITY manually on the Timestamping Services page in the security server’s management interface and replace it with the new name SK TIMESTAMPING AUTHORITY 2019. However, this is not mandatory, as the URL of the Time-Stamping Service will not change, and the security server will continue to function with the old name. If you have any further questions regarding X-tee, we recommend you contact the Information System Authority.

End users will not need to update their eID software as by default, it is set to automatically check for Trust List updates, which checks whether the Trust Lists available on the computer are up to date every time the software is launched. End users can get further information and help via the ID-Card helpline +372 666 8888.

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