Year 2019 at SK ID Solutions


2019 can be best described as the year when SK ID Solutions went international, Smart-ID developed fast and spread wide, and the total user count across all of SK’s services grew to nearly 3 million and the transactions count exceeded 1 billion.

Throughout the whole year, the quickly developing Smart-ID gained a lot of attention and by the end of the year, it had over 2,5 million users who used it to make over 50 million transactions each month. In other words, in 2019, Smart-ID was the most popular mobile authentication solution across the Baltics – our home market. This fast growth also meant that the number of attempted attacks against Smart-ID also grew. To combat this, we improved our capability of identifying potential attack patterns, started working in even closer cooperation with the CERT teams in the Baltics, and implemented various new security measures.

In Estonia, Smart-ID was evaluated and found to correspond to the high assurance level of electronic identification. As a result, users can now authenticate themselves with Smart-ID on the national portal as well as the various online environments managed by the Information System Authority.

Smart-ID Secure Zone qualified for and was added to the Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) list published by the European Commission.

In spring, we introduced the brand-new MID REST API for Mobile-ID, which is significantly more stable than the previously used DigiDocService.

In Lithuania, we saw a huge migration of users when the last batch of Tele2’s clients still using the RC solution were switched to SK’s platform.

By the end of the year, we were able to officially say that in Lithuania, we have more Mobile-ID users than in Estonia.

In July, we launched the first service based on Smart-ID technology that is independent from us in India. This launch proved that our system, which has been developed in Estonia, works well outside of its birthplace as well.

Over the course of the year, we worked together with two internationally recognised partners to prepare a new functionality for Smart-ID – biometric registration AKA Automated Biometric Identity Verification –, which we started offering to our clients in the beginning of 2020.

For the first time ever, in cooperation with the Lithuanian bank Medicinos Bankas, the Smart-ID service also reached those people who are not official residents in the Baltics. This meant that we proved that it is possible to offer the Smart-ID service in any region and within any identity management environment. As a result of this collaboration, residents from dozens of different countries started using Smart-ID.

At the end of the year, we signed a contract for the Smart-ID platform to be used as a repository for customers’ private keys in Iceland’s trust services.

Fontes recognised us as an equal salary employer and we also won the title of Innovator of the Year at the “Entrepreneurship Competition 2019”.

SK also established its Latvian branch with the purpose of offering their business customers in Latvia support and services in Latvian.

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