Year 2016 at SK ID Solutions


The biggest challenge during 2016 was related to the new legal environment that took force with the eIDAS regulation. Due to that, we basically changed SK’s whole public service documentation and a lot of internal rules as well. We were the first in the Europe to offer qualified e-Seal and among the first to provide qualified Time-Stamping Service since 1.07.2016. By the end of the year, we ensured the continuity of SK’s services according to the new rules.

The second important and ongoing activity was related to developing and launching the new authentication and signing solution for mobile platforms – Smart-ID. SK has not launched this high-edge product for the last 10 years since 2007, when Mobile-ID was created. Smart-ID project activities concluded at the end of 2016, but the official introduction to market took place in the early 2017. Smart-ID is a technically innovative service that is developed for international markets. We have high expectations towards Smart-ID, especially regarding the growth of SK’s foreign market share.

In 2016 we concluded the following activities:

  • development of ID-software, although we continue offering end-user support in cooperation with Information System Authority;
  •  issuance of tachograph certificates in the Baltic states;
  • issuance of Mobile-ID certificates in Lithuania.

In Estonia, the issuance of Mobile-ID increased over 50% last year. From the beginning of 2016, SK started compensating the state fee upon the issuance of Mobile-ID and by that decreased the costs for end-user. That remarkably boosted the number of new Mobile-ID users.

Our customer support successfully handled their busiest year in SK’s history so far by solving nearly 100 000 requests. The growth in work flow was mainly caused by higher user volumes and lessening support for the card technology in web browsers.

At the end of the year we changed our company name to better support our international business ambitions. The new name SK ID Solutions maintains the historical value via the abbreviation „SK“, yet puts our services to a more precise context by the extension „ID Solutions“.

In November, we held SK Annual Conference 2016 where we first presented SK’s new eID solution Smart-ID and talked about the technology it is based on. The keynote speaker of the conference was an acknowledged cyber security expert Peter Zinn. We also shed light to the situation what is happening to trust services in Europe after the eIDAS regulation took force, gave an overview of e-identity in the Baltic and Nordic markets, but also talked about plans of ID-software, developments of eSIM and the new DigiDoc portal.

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