Year 2013 at SK ID Solutions


We added a new partner and country to our service and, since 2013, we have also been issuing certificates for Danish tachograph cards in cooperation with Gemalto. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, we issue tachograph certificates in cooperation with Trüb Baltic.

The total number of queries for validity confirmation services per year exceeded 100 million for the first time – this was significantly helped by the inquiries mediated in Lithuania. By the end of the year, over 130 million digital signatures had been given.

Over 300,000 ID-cards were issued in the year and slightly over 40,000 were renewed. By the end of the year, there were 40,000 Mobile-ID users in Estonia. Statistics show that 616,130 persons in Estonia actually used electronic identities by the end of the year; the active users totalled 409,056.

We also placed great emphasis on the development of internal services and programmes, in order to ensure a smooth and steady service to DigiDoc software users and e-services providers. We updated end-user ID-card software, started the transfer of clients to a new Mobile-ID service platform, closed the test environment and directed the services for developers to website.

SK became a CA/B Forum member. This is a voluntary organisation joining the world’s leading Certification Authorities (CA) and developers of web browsers.

Based on the results of a public procurement, the Certification Centre and Information System Authority signed a 4-year contract on 12 September for the execution of ID-card development and maintenance and integrator support. Within the framework of the procurement, SK will also provide end-user support, the contract for which entered into force on 1 August. We provided end-user support regarding electronic voting and general issues during the local government elections that took place in October.

Project NutiKaitse 2017 was kicked off, the goal of which is to emphasize secure use of smart devices, develop Mobile-ID improvements and alternatives for electronic identification and to increase the number of Mobile-ID users to 300,000 by the end of 2017.

In November, SK’s Annual Conference 2013 took place in the Kumu Auditorium, under the theme Security and the Possibilities for e-ID in the Future.

To spread the Estonian e-ID success story, a digital signature video was produced, as were Mobile-ID and SK clients’ case study videos to introduce our solutions.

SK received an export grant from the Norwegian-Estonian programme Green IT coordinated by Enterprise Estonia, the goal of which is to increase environmentally friendly entrepreneurship in Estonia. The programme is aimed at making use of ICT possibilities to find innovative solutions and, with the help of smart ICT solutions, to increase the volume of new and updated environmentally friendly services and products offered by companies.

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