Year 2007 at SK ID Solutions


At the start of the year ID card installation software gets a new user-friendly look and becomes freely available in Estonian, Russian and English at

In spring, the biggest banks, communications operators and certification service providers in the Baltic States establish the Baltic WPKI Forum, whose goal is to harmonise electronic identity standards in the region.

April brings with it a number of technological innovations: internal ID card readers for laptops become available as part of the Computer Protection 2009 project, and the new version of the ID card software now supports Firefox.

The Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association awards the Act of the Year 2006 title to Computer Protection 2009. The new Mobile ID service is awarded the title of Idea of the Year 2006.

At the same time, EMT, working with the centre, launches the Mobile ID service, which is essentially an extension of ID cards in mobile phones. By the end of the first month, 600 people are already the service.

Tarvi Martens, the designer of the technical solution for the Estonian e-voting system, receives the Outstanding Young Person Award of Junior Chamber International at its world congress in Turkey – becoming only the second Estonian to earn the title.

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