Year 2002 at SK ID Solutions


The first ID cards are issued to Estonian citizens at the start of the year, with the 10,000th card being issued within just three months. The project gets off to a flying start.

Ain Järv, former director of IT with the Ministry of the Interior, is appointed as the centre’s new director in March and will go on to lead the agency for six years.

Starting in October, all ID card holders can use the client programme of the DigiDoc digital signature solution free of charge to provide legally binding digital signatures throughout Estonia. Development of DigiDoc is funded in equal parts by Eesti Telefon, Eesti Ühispank, EMT and Hansapank. Four days into the month, the mayors of Tallinn and Tartu sign an IT cooperation memorandum between the two cities which becomes the first document in the country to be signed digitally.

The 100,000th ID card is issued at the end of the year. This means that 100,000 cards have been issued in less than 11 months – an average of 320 per day.

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