Year 2003 at SK ID Solutions


In January the centre launches the DigiDoc portal message gate in association with Eesti Telefon. This allows faxes and calls to be digitally signed.

In May the centre signs a cooperation agreement with the Finnish Population Register Centre which will see Finland and Estonia harmonising the standards, technology and practices related to the exchanging of digital signatures and digital documents at the national level and between the two countries.

In June the centre launches the OpenXAdES project at with the aim of harmonising and unifying practices in the use of digital signatures and digital documents in different countries.

In August the centre and its partners are declared the successful bidders in a procurement organised by the City of Tallinn for the creation and operation of an electronic ticket and payment system on public transport. Preparations for the launch of a unique ID ticket system begin.

The 300,000th ID card is issued at the Kopli branch of Eesti Ühispank in Tallinn in September.

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