Year 2001 at SK ID Solutions


Based on the Digital Signatures Act that entered force the previous year, AS EMT, AS Hansapank, AS Eesti Ühispank and AS Eesti Telefon sign the foundation agreement that will create the Certification Centre on 16 February. Kalle Tarien is appointed its director and charged with the task of launching its operations.
In spring, the centre is declared the winner of the Ministry of the Interior’s public procurement for the provision of a certification service for Estonia’s new ID cards.

In September the centre is added to the National Certification Register, creating a legal basis for the service it provides and for the implementation of digital signing in Estonia.

At the end of the year, Minister of the Interior Tarmo Loodus and the centre’s director Kalle Tarien sign an agreement that will see the centre providing the ministry with a certification service in compliance with the Digital Signatures Act.

The ID card project is launched at the same time. In addition to certificates, a software package is created incorporating an ID installer with the administrative software required for electronic use of ID cards, the DigiDoc portal and client software enabling the digital signing of files and the processing of digitally signed files.

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