The EE Certification Centre Root CA will no longer be issued


We will stop issuing SK’s root certificate EE Certification Centre Root CA within the Mozilla and Microsoft root programs. The main reason for this is that the last TLS certificates issued by SK ID Solutions expired in September of this year, which in turn is a result of SK’s strategy to completely stop issuing web server certificates to focus more on their other lines of business, such as their electronic identity and Time-Stamping Service.

In general, this change should not affect any e-services, provided that the trusted certificates are properly set up. In a few cases however, issues may appear when trying to authenticate yourself with a previous generation ID-card. To avoid any possible problems, we recommend that all e-services follow these guidelines and check their certificate configurations for all certificates trusted by their web server.

Since the root certificate in the new ID-card certification chain has never been issued as part of the Mozilla Certificate Program or the Microsoft Trusted Root Program, then the change will not affect authentication via the new ID-card.

The change will also not affect the digital signing process or digital signature validity confirmation.

For Mozilla, the change will already be implemented with an updated that will be released at the end of October 2020. For Microsoft, the change will be implemented at the end of February 2021.

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