SK yearly news broadcast 2020


This rather unusual year, the SK Annual Conference did not take place in a traditional form. Instead of the regular conference stage, SK’s board members Kalev Pihl and Liisa Lukin sat down in the exclusive SK news studio to bring you the freshest news in video form.


Biometric validation

One of the most important keywords for us this year has been ABIV (Automated Biometric Identity Validation or AI Based Identity Validation), which can be used to update your existing Smart-ID account or to create a new one. To our knowledge, it is the first solution in Europe to use AI based identity validation to issue a qualified certificate for electronic signatures. Additionally, this issuing process has been confirmed to meet the high level of assurance of the identification scheme.

Growth in every way

We have expanded both in a geographical sense as well as in terms of our team: in Tallinn, our team has continued to grow, which is forcing us to expand our office as well. By the end of the year, you are welcome to visit us in our office on the 5thfloor in Delta Plaza. Our current 6th floor will continue as our working floor and will no longer be open to visitors.

Mrs. Sanita Meijere from our Latvian office was appointed as the head of our recently created Business Relations Department and now she together with her team takes good daily care of our customers and end users all over the Baltics. In Latvia, we await your visit on the second floor of the Teikums Teodors business centre, which is located in the smartest part of town in Riga, Jauna Teika.

You are also welcomed to visit our office in Lithuania, where our Business Manager Mr. Viktoras Kamarevcevas and his team await you in the Quadrum business centre in Vilnius.

Over the last year, the number of Smart-ID users has grown to nearly three million people. In Estonia, the Information System Authority announced that Smart-ID is the most popular authentication solution in governmental e-services used in secure authentication service TARA, where it surpassed both the Mobile-ID and the ID-card.

In Lithuania, the number of Mobile-ID users passed the 300 000 threshold this summer. In Estonia, we serve almost 250 000 Mobile-ID users.

Last year, we also talked about how Smart-ID would soon also be implemented in Iceland and this year, the solution is ready to be used. Check out more from the video about our cooperation with Auðkenni so far, and about our future plans.

In 2020, we launched the upgraded version of the tachograph cards’ service to cater to the gen2 cards. CardPlus is our partner for the first implementation round and we hope to develop this field further next year.

New integrations for Smart-ID

Over the last 12 months, our solutions have been integrated by multiple local and foreign services and products. Above all, we are very happy over the more widespread use of Smart-ID to give electronic signatures in various new environments:

  • The DigiDoc desktop and mobile apps. Although the default user of these applications is a resident or an e-resident of the Republic of Estonia, the clients who we have signed contracts with us, can also set them up in Latvia and Lithuania.
  • eParaksts in Latvia – we have created a sample of the application that anyone who is interested in doing so (especially in Latvia) can use to interface Smart-ID signing with the eParaksts solution.
  • Adobe Sign – as it turned out, there are multiple big international corporations whose branch offices in our local market had been looking forward to being able to use Smart-ID in Adobe Sign for a long time.

The fight against phishing

We have teamed up with TalTech’s Department of Software Science to increase the resistance against phishing scams. The goal of the project is to find better ways of pre-emptively identifying attacks directed towards Smart-ID users and to come up with innovative approaches to counter phishing attacks.

But there is no need to sit idly by until then. Soon we’ll publish a guide on how to strengthen your e-service to combat phishing attacks. And we’ve also created a quick quiz to make sure you don’t fall for phishing attempts.

And that is still not all – we have even more news for you. Check out the rest from the video!

We hope to see you in real life at the SK Annual conference on the first Thursday of November AKA November 4, 2021!

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