SK to adopt new intermediate certificate KLASS3-SK 2016 for issuance of organisation certificates


As a result of the entry into force of the eIDAS regulation, requirements for certification services have changed, therefore SK ID Solutions AS (SK) is adopting a new KLASS3-SK 2016 intermediate certificate. The new intermediate certificate will be used to issue organisation certificates from 1 June 2017.

KLASS3-SK 2016 intermediate certificate is issued by EE Certification Centre Root CA. You can see the new intermediate certificate KLASS3-SK 2016 here.

The change concerns mostly those information system owners that are issued an organisation certificate after 1 June 2017. For certificates issued by the new intermediate certificate, the KLASS3-SK 2016 intermediate certificate must be configured before use. However, the change also affects all third party information systems or applications allowing to check the validity of digitally stamped files. All necessary configuration changes can be made in information systems in advance.

Descriptions of changes in certificates and detailed instructions on configuration are available here.


How do I know if I have to do something? The absence of KLASS3-SK 2016 intermediate certificate mainly has the following effect on the server or application configuration:

  • e-Seal / encryption certificate / authentication certificate cannot be used;
  • your web server is not trusted by web browsers;
  • verification failure of digitally stamped files.

If you encounter such problems, please check if the new intermediate certificate exists in the configuration.

All organisation certificates issued using the old intermediate certificate KLASS3-SK 2010 will remain valid until they expire and they won’t need to be replaced.

SK root certificate support in web browsers will not change. EE Certification Centre Root CA continues to be trusted by all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome)

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