SK signed a new 5-year contract with Estonia to continue issuing Mobile-ID


SK ID Solutions signed a 5-year concession contract with the Estonian Information System Authority to ensure the continuation of the Mobile-ID service. According to the contract, Mobile-ID will continue to be issued as a national identity authentication solution, but it will be done in a way that will be more convenient for people than before.

Thanks to the development work done at SK, applying for Mobile-ID will become much easier and faster from July 2 of this year as the need to activate Mobile-ID on the police website will be removed.

“We have invested a lot into the security and sustainability of Mobile-ID. And we are proud to bring these updates to you already in July. In less than two months, all necessary steps and actions required for applying for Mobile-ID can be done on the self-service platforms of various mobile network operators. This will speed up and ease the process of getting Mobile-ID significantly. Additionally, it will be possible for people to own more than one Mobile-ID account in the future, similarly to Smart-ID,” said member of the board at SK ID Solutions, Liisa Lukin.

In addition to these new possibilities, it will be possible to issue Mobile-ID accounts for 7-year-olds if they have the consent of their legal guardian to do so.

According to the Deputy Director General of the State Information Authority, Joonas Heiter, the parallel use of Mobile-ID as well as the ID-card is very important for the state since having multiple identity authentication solutions helps to decrease possible risks. “If something should happen to one of a person’s solutions and they are no longer able to use it, then having an alternative helps to guarantee that they can still access digital services without any issues as well as give digital signatures, also within those national services that cannot be accessed via Smart-ID just yet,” said Heiter.

Estonia has more than 251 000 Mobile-ID users and on average, around 10 million transactions are made with it every month. In Lithuania, the SK-developed Mobile-ID is used by more than 400 000 people.

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