SK Annual Conference 2022 analysed sustainability of digital service


The international SK Annual Conference 2022, which took place on 3rd of November in Estonia, focused on the ecological footprint of digital services, sustainability and how to recognise and avoid greenwashing. An important part of the conference was dedicated to Smart-ID – the first five years since the launch in 2017, and the opportunities that lay ahead in coming years.

In the opening speech of the annual conference, Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK ID Solutions, gave an overview of carbon footprints of different authentication tools offered by SK, and showed how this footprint differs by issuance means.

Environmental educator and activist, member of the Zero Waste Latvia and councillor in the Riga City Council, Mairita Luse, spoke about various types of greenwashing and gave examples from everyday life. She asked if there is always an objective way to evaluate sustainability and if there can be a product with zero impact on the environment.

Goda Raibyte, a Lithuanian freelance science journalist, educator and recognised speaker, spoke about sustainability delusion and why we need critical thinking to understand what really is sustainable.

The talk about sustainability was followed by a panel discussion where the speakers shared more insight about technology, environment and how to make informed decisions.

The second part of the conference day was kicked off with a panel discussionabout Smart-ID’s first five years, biggest achievements so far, and future opportunities. The participating experts – Aivo Kalu, Urmo Keskel, Mart Oruaas, Andres Kütt and Kalevi Tammistu – have all contributed to the success of Smart-ID, the digital authentication and signing tool used by millions.

Head of business services of SK ID Solutions, Piruza Harutjunjan, opened the door to the future of digital Europe and peeked into the limitless opportunities it has in store. She also explained why a digital wallet is a vital component of the EU’s digital strategy, and how SK ID Solutions relates to this.

The next SK Annual Conference will take place on 2nd of November 2023.

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