Survey: Estonians are fond of the Smart-ID brand


According to a recent brand survey by Havas Estonia, Smart-ID is one of the top brands Estonians are most fond of. In addition to Smart-ID, the prominent TOP 10 included also MasterCard, Google and other global brands.

According to the Meaningful Brands study conducted by Havas Estonia, the international authentication tool Smart-ID offered by SK ID Solutions is one of the ten most loved brands that Estonians are fond of. In addition to Smart-ID, other well-known local and global brands such as Päästeamet (Estonian Rescue Board), Google, Tartu University Hospital, Gmail and MasterCard made it to the TOP 10.

While 86% of survey respondents liked the Estonian Rescue Board brand, 75% liked the Smart-ID brand. With this, Smart-ID is practically on an equal position with MasterCard (76%), the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (77%) and the North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation (Regionaalhaigla) (also 77%).

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