New visual identity and website for Mobile-ID


SK ID Solutions unveiled a new visual identity this July for Mobile-ID, fully replacing the older designs. A new Mobile-ID website was also launched at

The most notable change for Mobile-ID users is the new logo in a blue and white colour scheme, consisting of the letters M, I and D joined together. The full version of the new logo spells out the name of the service and buttons also incorporate the name of the service provider, SK ID Solutions. The short version only contains the logo – names of the service and service provider are absent. The extended logo used internationally uses the English-language service name Mobile-ID.

We advise that all e-services adopt the newly designed Mobile-ID buttons as soon as possible. This ensures the design uniformity of the Mobile-ID service and improves user trust in e-services. The logo and buttons with the new Mobile-ID visual identity have already been created for e-services in English and Estonian and a guide for Mobile-ID brand elements has been published. We created three different logos in view of different e-service designs, allowing e-services to create their own buttons with the new shape and background colour. The new Mobile-ID buttons and brand elements can be seen here.

Smart-ID buttons have also been refreshed and the service provider’s name added. If your e-service uses Smart-ID for user authentication, we ask that you replace your existing Smart-ID button with the new one. The new Smart-ID buttons are here.

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