Important Changes in SK Timestamping Service 24.01.24

Updated 03.01.2024
In January 24th, 2024 SK ID Solutions will implement several improvements in Timestamping service. We urge you to verify that your services are ready to support the changes ahead.

The changes are related to the PKI chain exchange, timestamp signing certificate and algorithm as follows:

  • new PKI hierarchy – including new root and intermediate certificate and new timestamp signing certificate
  • option to choose between ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) 256-bit integer OR RSA 4096-bit key length for timestamp signatures

In order to make the implementation of changes as convenient as possible for our customers, we have divided changes into two phases:

  • Starting from 08.11.23, 2 new Timestamping service endpoints ( and using the new PKI hierarchy and new algorithms are accessible. It means that you can start using improved Timestamping service already in November and then you’re not affected by change in January.
  • 24.01.24 at 14:00 EET we will switch current endpoint to new PKI hierarchy (certificate with ECC 256-bit integer).

All details about testing and production parameters can be found in SK Github under Timestamping project. It is important to verify, that your systems are able to support Elliptic Curve Cryptography and/or longer RSA key size.

The transition to new PKI hierarchy and using more secure key lengths adds more security and helps to preserve the integrity of timestamps in long term.

Please let our support know if you encounter problems during testing or if you have any questions:

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