Global Business Summit introduced Smart-ID


Smart-ID was introduced as one solution for easing the pandemic at the virtual business forum Global Business Summit organised by Estonia and the United Arab Emirates.

The virtual business forum Global Business Summit, organised by Estonia and the United Arab Emirates, took place on December 16, and saw more than 40 countries introducing their best digital solutions for easing the global pandemic. One of the digital solutions presented from Estonia was Smart-ID, the authentication solution created by SK ID Solutions which is being used by 3 million people today who use it to make around 2,5 million transactions on average every day.

A couple of weeks before the global pandemic, SK introduced a new biometry and AI-based onboarding method for Smart-ID. Prior to the introduction of biometric registration, Smart-ID could only be updated via physical identification at a bank branch or via Mobile-ID or ID-card. During the state of emergency in the spring, when people’s movements were restricted, Smart-ID’s new identification method was the only way for many to conduct necessary activities. It was due to this reason that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided that Smart-ID should represent Estonia. You can watch the video of the virtual presentation here.

Smart-ID’s new identification method has passed an international audit and has been approved by the Information System Authority of Estonia. This new signup solution is innovative for many different reasons. First, the biometric identification process is fully automated and has been evaluated to be equal to physical identification. Secondly, thanks to the fact that the biometric identification process is automated, creating a Smart-ID account only takes a few minutes.

The goal of the Global Business Summit is to bring together governments and companies to share their best digital solutions and practices that help quicken the pace of digitalisation and resolve issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to Smart-ID, Estonian innovation was also represented by Guardtime, NET Group, Nortal, Timbeter, FoodDocs and Datel.

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