Delfi: From Day One, Interns at SK Can Make Real Impact


Delfi, the biggest news portal in the Baltics, published an article about internship at SK ID Solutions. The portal underscores the impact an internship at SK can have on budding careers – from day one, they become a part of the ongoing feats of digital transformation, contributing to complex projects that make digital lives of millions safer in the Baltics.

The news portal delves into how an intern at SK ID Solutions is not just a trainee but an integral part of the team. Success, at SK, is a blend of experience and fresh insight, making an intern’s role as vital as that of an experienced professional. The article features personal stories of three employees—Liis Koskaru, Hans Lätt, and Kaisa Kesküla. Their journey from interns to full-time professionals at SK signifies the company’s culture of growth and opportunities. Each of them, driven by their hands-on experience from their first day, honed their skills overcoming real challenges, resulting in their noteworthy professional development.

At SK, interns are immersed into an environment that radiates learning and encourages a proactive, fearless approach. The organization emphasizes the importance of gaining real-world experience and building connections across the entire organization. Interns, who are motivated to set and achieve personal goals, are supported throughout their journey, ensuring their internship becomes a linchpin for professional development.

In addition to the highlighted internship opportunities, SK stresses the importance of providing authentic work experience that proves valuable for the intern’s future career pursuits. Therefore, we at SK welcome candidates who exhibit keen interest in the company’s field of operation and can link their studies to the tasks at hand. Furthermore, we value and appreciate those who tailor their CVs and cover letters precisely to the position applied for, indicative of a shared importance. In the end of the article, Delfi also listed SK’s 5 important recommendations for interns.

Delfi concludes that through internships at SK, newcomers can make a real impact from day one, contributing to complex projects that secure the digital lives of millions in the Baltics.

The article was published in 2023 in Delfi.

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