Postimees: SK ID Solutions, Championing People and Innovative Technology


As highlighted by Postimees, Estonia’s longest-standing daily newspaper, we at SK ID Solutions are actively contributing to the ever-changing landscape of technology, all the while putting a high value on our people.

The newspaper remarks that personal growth and development remain paramount for us: We invest heavily in training opportunities and encourage involvement in initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society. As Postimees underscores, our active engagement also extends to both international and local organizations, such as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and Estonian ICT association ITL.

According to Postimees, people at SK do not view responsibility as a burden, but as an opportunity – our services, at any given moment, have a significant impact on millions of people and thousands of companies – leaving our footprint on global solutions like Smart-ID, which make society more trustworthy, increase democracy, and help people enjoy their digital lives more regardless of their location.

SK is not just recognized as an excellent workplace. Postimees writes that it is a hub of innovation, professional growth, and great work-life balance. That is so because we actively invest in the mental well-being of our people with weekly meetings with external confidant, and mindfulness trainings. We have also committed extensive resources to develop a physical work environment that promotes a balanced work-life. We think it’s of great importance as every individual’s skills and commitment can make a tangible positive impact on the lives of millions who use SK’s services like Smart-ID.

Accompanying this article, there is an insightful video, featuring Alina Sonder, finance specialist, and Risto Moor, team lead of DevOps, where they share their firsthand experiences and shed light on the working culture of SK ID Solutions.

The article was published in 2023 winter in Postimees.

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