SK Annual Conference 2023: Insightful Presentations and Record-Breaking Participation

The SK Annual Conference 2023 that took place on the first Thursday of November, brought together industry experts for a series of engaging presentations, attracting a broad, international audience. The presentations, videos, and photos from the conference are now ready for viewing online.

The conference began with the SK Talks series. In a unique format of interviews conducted by Dovilė Tamkvaitė, founding partner of a Lithuanian communication agency 23:45, members of the SK team shared insights about life at SK, community involvement, technological trends, business developments, and the future landscape of SK in the eID world.

The keynote section of the conference kicked off with Andrew Bud, co-founder of iProov, a global technology leader specializing in Genuine Presence Assurance. Andrew, being at the forefront of technological advancement, unravelled the complex prospects of biometrics and the future of decentralized identity.

Following Andrew’s keynote, Ieva Čepaite, who holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Optics and Quantum Many-body Systems delved into the realm of quantum computers. Her enlightening talk implemented a cybersecurity analyst’s perspective while also providing a brief introduction to quantum computing and the current state of quantum technologies. Ieva also touched on crucial topics such as quantum cybersecurity – identifying both the threats and potential solutions, and the importance of post-quantum cryptography as a classical response to quantum threats.

Next, IT security expert, Kirils Solovjovs from Possible Security, stimulated the audience’s thoughts with compelling ideas about privacy in this quantum age.

The conference was commended not only for its content but also for its reach. It achieved a record number of registrants – over 370 from all over the world – and almost 700 online viewers across the globe. Conference was attended by professionals from diverse regions such as Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and India, reflecting the growing demand for collaborative learning in our industry.

All presentations and conference videos are now available on the official SK Annual Conference 2023 website.

The date for the next SK Annual Conference has already been set: November 7, 2024. Anticipate another enriching event to be a part of next year.

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